Mindset Training to prepare

for your peak performance.

Gen-Do Mind Body Institute trains individuals to practice embodied awareness as a lifestyle. Move Your Body – Be in the Moment – Discover You Soul Purpose. Experience our cutting edge mind body workshops and courses that will literally transform your life within.

  • Replace hesitation with action
  • Remove imagined obstacles & silence your inner critic
  • Reprogram your unwanted habitual patterns
  • Learn how to crystallize your focus & reap the rewards
  • Clearly define your goal & “the why” that drives your everyday effectiveness
  • Create a strategic plan that takes you to the vision & outcome you desire

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“In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia ultimately we become enslaved by it.”



Gen-Do Creator, Mind Body Director

Yuki is the creator of Gen-Do Mind Body Institute and directs the Mind-Body Program at Forma Gym. He integrates this workshop from multiple disciplines, including his background as a professional dancer, deep interest in mind-body practice as well as a self-development approach that explores human potential. He is passionate about helping people unlock their self-constructed limitations and creating possibilities for unlimited growth.