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We want to help you make a lifestyle change—not offer you a quick fix. Forma Gym is a family-run gym created to not only help you shape your body, but to help you take control of every aspect of your wellness.

Our metric of wellness is your outlook on life – which includes connection, gratitude, eating well, moving every day, and living a life of fulfillment.

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Whether you’re looking to recapture your health, increase your capacity, or change your physique, Forma Gym understands that everyone has obstacles to achieving their goals.

Forma Gym has the tools and support you need to feel comfortable, have fun, and enjoy your fitness journey. From our luxury amenities to the industry’s best fitness instructors, the Forma Gym community gives you a safe, motivating space to show up and PLAY EVERY DAY.

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Forma Gym offers hundreds of monthly classes that vary in intensity and experience level to make sure you find your niche, whether you’ve never had a gym membership or you’ve tried them all. Our clubs offer:

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