We are a team of fitness professionals with a diverse background and variety of skills. We represent years of experience in the industry and share a great passion for health and wellness.

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1 on 1 Fitness Training

  • Assess where you are now and where to start
  • Get a nutritional consultation and guidance – understand the power of food
  • Receive education on movement technique and equipment usage – master your exercise
  • Find the perfect strategy for your individual goals
  • Become accountable for your fitness journey
  • Learn how to repair and recover to maintain your work/life balance
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Small Group Fitness Training

Small Group Training consists of 4 – 8 people working with one trainer, bringing the experience of community and personal training together

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Outdoor Boot Camp

San Jose Only

Get an incredible outdoor workout on our 8,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art turf facility. Led by our incredible Personal Training staff, this class will enhance your strength and cardiovascular capacity utilizing your body weight and a variety of equipment, including kettlebells, TRX, sleds, battling ropes, tires and more – in a fun, community environment.

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Forma Athlete

Walnut Creek Only

The Forma Athlete program is designed to develop athletes ages 13 and up to achieve the top level of their athletic performance, and has a solid reputation for rehabilitating injured athletes.

  • Over 150 D-1 Athletes trained
  • D-1 National Championship Athletes
  • Represented by MLB, NFL, USA & Canada•
  • National High School record-holders

Forma Athlete is open to members and non-members.

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Meet The Trainers


Fitness Coach

  • – Whole-Body Training with emphasis on balance and core strength
  • –Building strength through functional movements
  • – Stretching
  • – Myofascial Release
  • – Mobility
  • – Post-Rehab with hip and knee replacements
My Story

As a young teen, I was not very fit and was picked on by other kids. Because of that, I decided in my late teens to get in shape – this changed my life. I then decided to go to college and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and became a Certified Personal Trainer. That was over 20 years ago and I have been helping people move, feel and look better ever since!

My Fitness Philosophy

Working out can be fun and should be. If it’s not, then you won’t stick with it. So, I try to keep exercise functional and informative, but most of all fun!


Fitness Director

  • – Athletic Performance
  • – Movement Assessment
  • – Program Development
  • – Weightlifting
  • – Exercise Therapy and getting strong
My Story

When I was young I drove my parents crazy converting everything in the barn into exercise equipment. I would rather read anything about weightlifting and fitness than what I needed to for school. It became very evident that this was going to be more than an occupation, it was going to be a lifetime passion. I was fortunate to have some great mentors from the fitness world that gave me a respect for the history of strength, yet also challenged me to discover what is new and provoking. I spend my days sharing my passion with all kinds of wonderful life is great!

My Fitness Philosophy

Your happiness is your health. The world is best experienced with high energy, low pain, and high function. Physical activity is a source of great joy; find your motivation and stay active.


Fitness Coach

  • – Strength Training
  • – Weight Loss
  • – Total Body Transformations
  • – Bodybuilding
  • – Competition Prep and Booty Building
My Story

I began my fitness career as a Health Coach specializing in weight loss and soon discovered a passion for powerlifting. To date, I have competed in 8 bodybuilding competitions and continue to compete in strength competitions. I love empowering people, and am equally passionate at working with beginners and coaching bodybuilding competitors. I work with beginners on foundational movement patterns, building confidence and getting rid of the intimidation they may feel as they get comfortable in the weight room. Some of my clients came to me being new to exercise and are now being coached to compete in Bikini and Figure Division bodybuilding competitions!

My Fitness Philosophy

Focus on consistency, discipline and strength and aesthetics will follow.


Fitness Coach

  • – Creative Movement
  • – Interval Training
  • – Kickboxing
My Story

Jason learned early, through his own experiences with weight loss and healing, about the potential for fitness to change lives. After losing 50 lbs. and reversing his hypertension, he made it his life goal to change the lives of others. His passion and infectious positive energy make him a great coach and motivator. He creates a safe and non-judgemental atmosphere for his clients, regardless of their fitness or experience level. Jason’s objective for his clients is to help them feel and understand the body in a new and deeper way.

My Fitness Philosophy

Everything should feel good, from start to finish.


Director of Athletic Performance/Fitness Manager

  • – Athletic Training
  • – Post-Rehab Training
  • – Small Groups
  • – Fat Loss
My Story

I grew up in a small town on an Island in the Pacific Northwest. Naturally, I was drawn to outdoor activities and sports. Since I was a child, I have participated in all sports ranging from snowboarding to baseball. This carried me into a life of strength training. Once I graduated high school and spent a few years “finding myself,” or more appropriately completely goofing off, I graduated from SF State with a degree in Exercise Physiology. With this, I combined my natural passions of sports and fitness, and got into the Strength and Conditioning field.

My Fitness Philosophy

Worship your physical self because it is your vehicle for your every desire and dream.


Fitness Coach

  • – Strength & Conditioning
  • – Personalized Program Development
  • – Weightlifting
  • – Corrective Exercise
My Story

Growing up, Sergio played competitive ice hockey, and he now brings that same energy and drive to motivate his training clients to achieve their goals. Before deciding to follow his passion for health and fitness, he was a behavior analyst for a non-profit. The gentle, patient approach he takes with clients makes it apparent that Sergio truly loves helping people, and strives to enhance their health and improve their lives.

My Fitness Philosophy

Build a strong mind and body to stay healthy for as long as possible.


Fitness Coach

  • – 1-on-1 Personal Training
  • – Small Group Training
  • – Strength Training
  • – TRX Instruction
  • – Spin
  • – CrossFit
  • – Nutrition Coaching
My Story

I'm a Midwest woman with simple ideals. Through travel abroad and exposure to diverse cultures, I fell in love with holistic organic living. I was also constantly training for the next marathon, triathalon, mud run, anything to compete. I found I performed better once my food choices evolved. Long story short, food brought me to San Francisco, where I worked in a couple of accomplished organic restaurants and continued to train and compete. But I found myself yearning for more time in the gym, giving advice to my kitchen staff about working out, coaching my family. I was becoming a trainer and didn't even know it.

My Fitness Philosophy

A balanced combination of strength training, cardiovascular training and nutrition create a life full of joyful experiences. It's that simple.


Fitness Coach/Nutrition Coach

My Story

Dedicated cyclist and scooter enthusiast, Steve is often identified as the loudest trainer on the floor. He spreads a contagious energy that motivates everyone, and also brings methodical strength development, sounds nutritional guidance and advanced professional expertise. Steve has helped numerous clients achieve extreme weight loss goals. If you find yourself working with Steve or in one of his classes, enjoy the entertainment factor but come prepared for a workout that will challenge your physical abilities.


Life Coach/Fitness Coach/Nutrition Coach

  • – Nutrition Education
  • – Strength Training
  • – Posture Correction
  • – Total-Body Conditioning
  • – Functional Training
  • – Physique Contest Preparation
My Story

I trained for and won my first bodybuilding show in 1987, and went on to represent Team Canada at the IFBB Hawaii International Invitational contest. Twenty years later, I was on Team USA and turned IFBB Pro, which was a dream come true for me. I have been an athlete all of my life, but strength training has made such a difference in my life and physique.

My Fitness Philosophy

I found nutrition to be the missing link for success in achieving your fitness goals, so I became certified in nutrition. No matter what level you’re training at or what goal you’re reaching for, I believe in four things: nutrition, strength training, cardio and hormonal balance. I believe in incorporating fun, innovative and effective training techniques that fit into my client’s daily lives.


Fitness Coach

  • – Weight Loss
  • – Weight Lifting
  • – HIIT
  • – TRX
  • – Nutrition
My Story

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a trainer. When I was young, I always played sports, probably more for the workouts. I studied Kinesiology in College with an emphasis in health and human performance, then got NASM and AFAA certifications. I have lived in Australia and New York, and have been a trainer/fitness coach for 5 years and counting. I am passionate about learning and helping others, and I absolutely love what I do!

My Fitness Philosophy

Eat real food. Move your body every day. Make small healthy changes to your life, they will stick the longest!


Fitness Coach


- Strength and Conditioning
- Transformation
- Lifestyle Coaching
- Functional Movement
- Small Group Training

My Story

Born in Austria, and raised on both coasts, I’ve been exposed to a world of cultures and people. One thing that's always stayed constant is my love for fitness and exercise. I’ve put my body through the ringer. From being as heavy as 300+ lbs when I played football in college (SJSU), to stepping on a bodybuilding competition stage, I’ve gone through some big physical changes. Now I use my own personal experiences and challenges to help clients reach their own goals. I love to cook and hike with my dog Zeus any chance I get!

My Fitness Philosophy

Move; any way, any where. Figure out what you like and do it. Have a plan. “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”


Fitness Coach


- Injury Prevention & Rehab
- Weight Loss + Transformation
- Pre/Postnatal Fitness
- Sports Performance
- Youth Training
- Functional Training

My Story

My love for sports and coaching has led to a fulfilling career in health and fitness. My background in Exercise Science and Biomechanics have given me a solid foundation to educate and solve weak or broken links in movement patterns. Working in Sports Therapy and becoming an ACSM Exercise Physiologist has given me a diverse range of experiences and abilities. I have a passion to improve overall health and vitality in my clients.

My Fitness Philosophy

All too often, our focus is on what we see. Let us start from the inside, work our way out and be patient with the process.


Fitness Manager

  • – Athletic Performance
  • – Movement Assessment
  • – Strength and Conditioning
  • – Powerlifting
  • – Kettlebells
  • – Post-Rehab Injury Recovery
My Story

I met Thor and wasn’t able to pick up Mjolnir...this fueled my desire to become as strong and as healthy as possible. I love changing people's’ lives and making them stronger, healthier and happier.

My Fitness Philosophy

Move often, move well, move and be happy. We are a combination of spiritual, physical and mental components. Too often we neglect one for the others; treat all and be fulfilled in life.


Fitness Coach

  • – Weight Loss
  • – Physique Enhancement
  • – Movement Assessment
  • – Program Development and Nutritional Support
My Story

I’ve always been fascinated with the capabilities of the human body. Going into freshman year of college, I discovered how weightlifting could change my body, and how much of an impact it had on every facet of my life. Already majoring in Social Work, I knew I wanted to work with people and help them improve their lives. Combining that with my passion for fitness, I realized I could do exactly that every day in this industry.

My Fitness Philosophy

To truly live life to the fullest, you need high energy, low pain and high functionality. Treat your body as the vessel through which you experience the world, and make sure you maintain it to be efficient and capable of taking on life’s greatest challenges and taking in life’s greatest rewards.

“Darlene has not only helped me achieve my fitness goals, but has provided the most support and knowledge about health and fitness anyone could ask for. I am a working mother of two, and with her help I have transformed my ‘Mom bod’ into a lean, mean bodybuilding machine!”

Marissa O.

“Steve has been my trainer since I joined Forma Gym over 6 years ago. He is professional, warm and friendly. I am very pleased at how well he tailors my training, reflecting his understanding of what works for me combined with his extensive knowledge as a personal trainer. I continue to grow stronger and firmer and look forward to each session with Steve.”

Claire B.

“Darlene has been an amazing guide on my journey to be strong, healthy and confident. She is an excellent teacher, who knows how to be supportive and motivating while simultaneously kicking my butt! Darlene has helped push me to be stronger than I ever thought I could be, all while emphasizing correct form in order to lift safely.”

Yalda V.

“Tracy gave me confidence that it was great to start working out at any guilt trips. Tracy has also helped me with the nutritional aspect of my health. This has definitely been a life-changing experience. I am happier, healthier and am enjoying increased strength and energy. It truly is NEVER TOO LATE to change old habits and get moving in a healthier, happier direction! ”

Jane R.

“After quitting dance about 4 years ago, I suffered with finding my passion again. Darlene put me on a sustainable meal plan and a workout plan tailored to my goals. I have lost 20 pounds and 8% body fat. Most importantly, I have found fitness to be my true passion and I am living with more self confidence than I ever thought was possible.”

Marissa L.

“Steve has me in the best shape of my life and has helped me with my nutrition as well. He is very good at customizing my workouts to help me avoid re-injuring my back and to make sure we are strengthening it as well. He keeps the workouts exciting and fun and provides motivation on those days when you just don’t have it.”

Ted V.

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