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The Spa at Forma Walnut Creek offers the optimum wellness experience and a comprehensive menu of therapeutic treatments, featuring massage, facials, and clinical skin care, body wraps and waxing. Our skilled and professional spa therapists are dedicated to easing the pain, restoring function and rejuvenating face and body. Services are performed in our cozy and luxurious spa, conveniently located adjacent to our locker rooms so that sauna, steam, or Jacuzzi can be enjoyed before or after treatments.

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Signature Swedish Massage
Long, flowing strokes relax the entire body by facilitating the increase of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, and improving the flexibility of the muscles while reducing tension to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.
Aromatherapy Massage
A relaxing treatment that restores energy and gives an elevated sense of well-being.The Aromatherapy Massage is a combination of the Signature Massage and pure essential oils with therapeutic properties, which are chosen specifically for each client. Oil blend choices include stress relief, muscle soother, and mood enhancer.
Lastone Therapy Massage
LaStone Therapy is the ultimate massage experience. Combining therapeutic massage with the use of hot and cold basalt stones warms and cools the muscles and other tissues, which will melt away and de-stress your mind.
Deep Tissue Massage
The Deep Tissue Massage is perfect for those who enjoy a strong form of massage that the practitioner assists in softening chronically tight muscles by targeting deeper layers of muscle tissue.
Sports Massage
Sports Massage incorporates myofascial and trigger point release to increase an athlete’s strength and agility, and assists in attaining the consistent level of high performance that is necessary for successful athletic competition.
Prenatal Massage
Aches, pains and tension can accompany the sweet waiting period for the birth of a baby. The relaxing, pain-relieving Prenatal Massage is given as the woman lies on her side, paying careful attention to the comfort and special needs of the expecting mother.
Reflexology Massage
Reflexology is an alternative medicine applying pressure to the feet, hands or ears, and is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that correspond to every gland and organ of the body. It balances the qi of the body for optimum health.
Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu, or “finger pressure” in Japanese, is done based on the energy flow through meridian lines. Unblocking any stagnant in the body balances the body for an improved sense of well-being.
Reiki is a palm-healing modality developed in Japan, and through the techniques, the practitioner transfers his/her universal energy in the form of qi through the palms which allows for self-healing and equilibrium.


25-Minute Massage


50-Minute Massage


80-Minute Massage
Additional $10 for Aromatherapy and $20 for LaStone Therapy Massages

Spa Staff


Massage Therapist

  • – Triggerpoint
  • – Structural Realignment
  • – Injury Prevention & Recovery
My Story

I was inspired to seek professional massage training by personally experiencing the power of rehabilitative massage. After suffering from a shoulder injury while working as a whitewater rafting guide, I was able to make a full recovery through a winning combination of corrective exercise & myofascial massage work. Soon after beginning my core training, I knew I had found a true passion. I have since earned the title of Neuromuscular Massage Therapist. Utilizing a mix of modalities & techniques, I aim to continuously elevate your body’s comfort, function & performance.


Massage Therapist

  • – Deep Tissue
  • – Swedish Massage
  • – Sports Massage
  • – Prenatal Massage
  • – Aromatherapy and Reinki
My Story

After getting in a car accident in 2002, I was calling around to get a massage and accidentally called a massage school. I ended up going to that school 6 weeks later and became a certified massage therapist in 2003.

My Philosophy

I enjoy incorporating different techniques to benefit my patients of all ages.

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