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Pilates Reformer focuses on awareness, core strength, balance and alignment of the body to perform optimally and facilitate a deep mind-body connection. It provides support for seniors, individuals with physical limitations, injury rehab, and pre- and post-natal women – while challenging people who are looking for athletic performance enhancement.


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Pilates Instructor


Plates Instructor

  • – Rehabilitation-based Pilates therapy
  • – Specialized Pilates conditioning for athletes and dancers
My Story

Just as I began working in my first job as a professional ballet dancer in New York City, I was injured in a partnering move that resulted in a spinal fracture. As a last resort to overcome the pain, the doctors recommended Pilates. I attribute my 25-year dance career to the Pilates technique, which became a staple of maintaining a healthy, strong body. Retiring from dance to passing on the Pilates training to my clients was a natural transition.

My Fitness Philosophy

I have always believed that fitness is a combination of many disciplines, Pilates being an important piece of that program. We all have different needs and goals, and as a trainer, I honor the individuality and am inspired by the stories and relationships I build with my clients.


Pilates/Yoga Instructor

  • – Vinyasa Style
  • – Flow Yoga
  • – Movement with breath
My Story

My classes focus on flexibility, strength, balance, and breathing. When I was a little girl, I would roll around on the floor and loved to dance, tumble and express myself through movement. When I was introduced to yoga as a young woman, I knew that I had found what I needed to center myself. I fell in love with yoga immediately from my first practice in 2003 with an Indian teacher in Japan. I felt all sensations from head to toes, and the experience brought me much joy. As a teacher, I see even more benefits of yoga. We use our body weight to build strength, achieve deep stretches and improve flexibility.

My Fitness Philosophy

Yoga helps keep us grounded and helps us to find oneself. Yoga allows the practitioner to discover a limit of their own.


Pilates Instructor

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