So, you decided to sign up for your first mud run? Mud runs and obstacle course races (OCR) are a great way to challenge yourself physically, while trekking (and playing) in the mud. Getting dirty has never been so much fun!

Putting in the hard work at Forma Gym with high-intensity classes and workouts have helped prep your mind and body for your mud run, but prepping your wardrobe will be a little different than hitting the gym.

Here’s how to dress from head-to-toe.

Avoid wearing anything extra on your head like a hat or sunglasses. Some runs may have obstacles where you jump off a platform or swim through muddy waters. Once something falls in the mud, it’s pretty difficult to recover. Headbands that stay put are a good choice for women and men who want to keep hair out of their face.

Wear a shirt or tank that is form-fitting and has wicking fabric. This helps keep you dry and is less likely to snag on wire or other elements in the course. Whatever you do, avoid cotton. Cotton holds water and loses its form when wet. Your once-comfortable cotton tee will quickly become loose and soggy, and interfere with your race-day performance.

Compression shorts or pants will help wick away moisture, keep everything in place on race day, and keep mud to a minimum in sensitive body areas. Again, avoid cotton, even in your underwear.

Shoes and Socks
Your feet will probably be the first thing to get wet and muddy. They’ll also be the main thing giving you comfort during and after the course so dress them well.

Socks: Choose socks that are wool or wicking material. Follow the no-cotton rule again. Good socks will also help pad your feet from mud and other debris that could creep its way into shoes.

Shoes: Most mud runs will have extremely muddy sections where your regular running shoes won’t cut it. Trail running shoes are a better bet to give you some grip. Choose a shoe that has good tread, drainage, and support.

Remember that soon after you start the race you’ll be a muddy mess. No one else is paying attention to what you’re wearing, so dress for comfort and performance. Just remember you don’t want your clothes to become another obstacle.

Ready to hit the mud? Find a mud run near you.

Sara M

Sara M

Sara M. is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and freelance writer living and working near Boston, MA. As a former CrossFit gym owner and current fitness lover, Sara has a lot of personal and professional experience inside and outside the gym. She loves to write about various topics related to health, wellness, nutrition, human behavior, and self-mastery.

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