Stress Relief Exercises for Moms

Knock Out Stress with these 5 Exercises for Busy Moms

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Life is stressful! From shuffling the kids around, to caring for the home and all the little (and big) people who depend on you, the stress seems constant some days. Since stress can sometimes seem like its synonymous with mom, it’s best to find ways to release it.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Exercise helps relieve stress by bumping up your endorphins, improving your sleep, lowering your anxiety, and improving your overall mood. After a kick-butt Zumba class or a brisk walk, you may find that you’ve forgotten all about the day’s troubles. Read More

working out after 50

The Top Benefits of Working Out After 50

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Isn’t retirement grand? You get to travel, enjoy your hobbies, and the best part of all—spending time with your grandkids. But spending your days without regular physical activity can have its downfalls.

After all, working out after 50 won’t give you abs of steel. So why bother? It turns out there are many benefits to working out in your golden years, including physical and mental. So while you might not get the six-pack you had in your twenties, you will reap plenty of other benefits! Read More

family resolutions

5 Active Family Resolutions to Set for 2019

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As 2018 comes to an end, it’s time to think ahead to the New Year and how you can help your family enjoy a more active and healthy 2019 with some (fun and easy) New Year family resolutions. Setting resolutions and goals as a family gets everyone involved and helps teach kids skills like goal-setting and personal reflection. Read More

busy mom workouts

Busy Mom Workouts: How to Squeeze in Your Workouts

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Between juggling nap schedules, running errands, and trying to keep the house from looking like a tornado hit it, fitting in a workout can seem nearly impossible for busy moms.

But when you manage to squeeze a workout in, the rest of the chaos seems a little more calm. Here’s how you can fit in a workout as a busy mom, even amongst all the chaos. Read More

building a booty

4 Exercises to Start Building Your Booty

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New to the gym? Want to build a booty? Not sure where to get started? Does using a barbell intimidate you?  

Well, quite frankly, it should. The barbell is the most unforgiving and rigid tool in the gym and should be given the proper respect. If you’re new, there is plenty of other equipment to use to build strong, shapely glutes. Read More